Statistics and income

What is the commission structure in your affiliate program?

We operate on revenue share model with commission up to 50%

Do you have special commission for high volume affiliates?

Yes, we do. If you are high volume affiliate, please contact our support to discuss details.

How many referrals can I have?

There are no limits of referrals.

Do you have reporting system?

Yes, we do. You can download our guide on how to read reports right here: DOWNLOAD.

Should I pay tax from revenue generated in affiliate program?

Taxation responsibility is on affiliate's side.

How do I get my commission?

Getting paid in MyCasinoPartners is very easy. Choose your preferable payment method in Settings -> Payment Options. Funds will be automatically transferred to your account monthly if your balance reaches EUR 50.

Please, contact your affiliate manager if you have additional questions.

Best of luck!



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