Our Program

MyCasinoPartners (“MCP”) is an innovative affiliate program managed by a group of seasoned iGaming professionals with more than a decade of experience representing prominent casino brands.

MCP was created for the purpose of representing a unique portfolio of brands, each of which are specifically positioned to service a distinct geographical market. These are not global brands that are poorly translated and parachuted into all markets through the ‘halo’ effect of the Internet. Rather, MCP’s brands are tied to individual markets, with local branding, local 24/7 support, and local payment methods.

By doing so, we believe that MCP’s brands will be better positioned to acquire, convert and retain players for long-term value.

In addition, MCP’s seasoned professionals are acutely sensitive to the interest of its partners, since affiliates are the life-blood of any casino brand. As such, MCP will endeavour to support its partners in any way possible. Let’s make money together!



Our affiliate program is based on a simple but effective principle: our affiliates are our partners. Starting with this, we can assure you that we will make anything possible to offer you the most effective marketing tools. We are now recommending you to try the new set of tools which based on the tests performed by us has shown an increase of conversion rate with more than 25%.

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