Why should I join your affiliate program?

Products individually created for each market according to the characteristics of the country's users. Profitable offers for players – with no questionable terms of winnings cash out. Generous commissions for affiliate partners – always paid on time.

How to join affiliate program?

Simply click sign up buttom and fill the registration form

What does it mean to be an affiliate?

By being affiliate means you can promote our brands and earn commission for converting new users.

Is your program free?

Yes, our program is free.

How does affiliate program work?

Once you signed up for the affiliate program you will be able to downlad marketing materials.

Can I promote more than one product?

You can promote every product and taget any countries we offer in our affiliate program

What is the commission structure in your affiliate program?

We operate on revenue share model with commission up to 50%

Do you have special commission for high volume affiliates?

Yes, we do. If you are high volume affiliate, please contact our support to discuss details.

How many referrals can I have?

There are no limits of referrals.

Do you have reporting system?

Yes, we do. You can download our guide on how to read reports right here: DOWNLOAD.

Should I pay tax from revenue generated in affiliate program?

Taxation responsibility is on affiliate's side.

How do I get my commission?

Getting paid in MyCasinoPartners is very easy. Choose your preferable payment method in Settings -> Payment Options. Funds will be automatically transferred to your account monthly if your balance reaches EUR 50.

Please, contact your affiliate manager if you have additional questions.

Best of luck!

Do marketing matrials have unique ID?

Each marketing material has its own unique affiliate ID that is assigned to your account. By unique ID you and we will know when somebody registered and made a purchase. After purchas you will be able to see commission on your account

How I can restore pasword?

Click on forgot password and follow instructions.

How can I change my payment details?

In order to change payment details please contact our support team.

Do you work with companies that specialize in paid advertising?

Yes, please contact our support to discuss details.

What if I have more than one website?

You can send traffic to our products from as many websites as possbile. There are no limits in that case.



Our affiliate program is based on a simple but effective principle: our affiliates are our partners. Starting with this, we can assure you that we will make anything possible to offer you the most effective marketing tools. We are now recommending you to try the new set of tools which based on the tests performed by us has shown an increase of conversion rate with more than 25%.

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