Earning model

My Casino Partners offers one of the most competitive commission plans in online gambling.

Revenue Share - First 3 Months Promo

As a new affiliate, you will receive the following revenue share rate:

  • Month 1 - 50%
  • Month 2 - 50%
  • Month 3 - 50%

Revenue share - Ongoing

From month 4 onwards you will earn between 20%-50% of the earnings generated by players you refer, for as long as their accounts remain active. Tiers depend on the number of new acquisitions within a month. To qualify, players must have registered, purchased and wagered (in that order) for the first time.

Revenue share rate from month 4 onwards:

  • 11+ players per month - 50%
  • 6-10 players per month - 40%
  • 1-5 players per month - 30%
  • 0 players per month - 20%

Contact us to get more information about commissions and reward plans. With a team of our experienced affiliate managers, you will maximise your earnings in no time.

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